How much can you earn with Exotic Binary Options?

binary-options-trading-4How much you can earn with Binary Options Trading all depends on the type of binary option and the degree of risk. There are certain types of more exotic binary options and binary options signals which have more conditions that need to be met so have higher returns.

On average, with the classic options type call / put, you may get back 180% on your initial investment if you predict the right direction up or down. So that means if you invest 100 euro and pick correctly that your a share or currency moves up, you would stand to get around 180 euro back, maybe even 185 euro in some cases. These trades can happen very quickly

The types of binary options which generally have the highest possible returns are the so called “exotic” binary options which may have returns like 600%. Where the broker sets additional conditions such as making a prediction that will come true in the next given time frame and if you correctly pick what will happen then you stand to get a profitable return. Such as a currency falling below a certain level over the next day or week.



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